Panagia the Athonite or Panagia of Mount Athos

32 cm
80 cm
9 kg
Byzantine handmade iconography on a natural sycamore log, crafted using the egg tempera method.

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Our Lady appeared for the first time in Athos, to Saint Peter (655-681) and after four to five centuries, to the abbot of the Great Lavra Nikolaos. To both hermits he said the following words: "Your dwelling and your rest according to God will not be anywhere else except on Mount Athos, which I received from my Son and God to be my lot, in which those who they want to depart from worldly cares and confusions, to come to it and work in this orchard, to cultivate virtue, purity of heart and purity of soul, and from now on it will be called by all "Mount Athos" . "Mount Athos is called from here... and my orchard". After these words, the Most Holy Theotokos promised that she would love, think and protect the monks but also protect them from temptations, dangers and sorrows. With the promises and divine pledges of our Virgin Mary, Mount Athos, since it was inhabited by Monks and until today continues its holy life and spiritual activity. Although from time to time the Monks were severely tested and are still being tested, by various visible and invisible temptations, the help offered by God and the protection of the Theotokos, will help so that the Holy struggle and the safeguarding of the Faith do not disappear.
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