Panagia Glykophilousa

16 cm
29 cm
661 kg
Byzantine handmade iconography on a natural sycamore log, crafted using the egg tempera method.

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Like Portaitissa, Glykofiloussa is one of those icons that were saved from iconoclasm and miraculously transferred to Athos. It was the property of Victoria, the pious wife of the iconoclast Simeon, who, in order not to surrender it, threw it into the sea. The icon, floating upright in the waves, reached the arsenal of the Philotheu Monastery, where it was received with great honor and joy by the abbot and the fathers of the Monastery, who had been notified of the apparition of the Virgin. At the point of the shore, where they deposited the image, a holy water gushed forth. There every year on the Monday of Epiphany there is a litany and consecration. Many are the miracles of Glykophilousia. In 1713, he answered the prayers of the venerable church leader Ioannikios, who was complaining about the poverty of the monastery, assuring him that she provides for the material needs of the Monastery. In 1800 he saved a pilgrim who fell under the guest house, which was on the third floor. The icon is two-faced with the Crucifixion on the back and is located on the column of the left choir of the catholicon.
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